Holistic Consultations


Pawtsmouth is not only a pawsh salon, it’s also a Pet Wellness Center. We recommend only using whole foods to feed and nurture your pets. Jessi’s Bachelors of Science in Holistic Nutrition with a focus in Herbology has enabled her to help heal animals from an array of illness and imbalances.

We can customize a meal plan for your pet from whole foods and supplements to combat even the most stubborn chronic conditions. Flaky skin, ear infections, digestive issues, allergies, and skin growths are among the most often seen dis-eases in pets. A change in diet, and possibly a short time on an herbal cure, can mean all the difference in your pets health and well being. Call us at 603-373-8590 for a consultation.

A consultation will consist of:

  • Assessing your pets whole body for imbalances ie: checking teeth and gums, digestive complaints, ear infections or discharge, skin condition, signs of eye infections etc. Please notify us of any medications your pet is being administered, recent antibiotic treatments, and any other pre-existing medical conditions as they may interfere with herbal remedies.
  • Evaluating food and treats as well as activity levels
  • You will be given a list of ingredients, supplements and recipes to make your own complete dog food or given a list of pre-made dog foods you can buy locally depending on level of allergies. Dogs with severe allergies will be put on a minimal ingredient homemade recipe.
  • A follow up is recommended 30 days after first appointment to assess progress. Always call with any questions or concerns at any time.


30 minute consultations cost $45