Policies and F.A.Q


One on one grooming means EVERY SINGLE appointment is scheduled down to the minute. Late pick ups or drop offs greatly affect the efficiency of our work. Many of the dogs that are booked are here for the simple reason that they are not good in a multi dog environment. Other reasons are: they don’t like kennels, have been previously attacked, have had bad grooming experiences and are being rehabilitated, or the owner simply wants their dog as a top priority while they’re at a grooming facility. Every reason is valid and I strive to provide the best environment for your dog. That being said….

Fees may be charged for anyone showing up late for pickup and appointments may be CANCELLED for late drop offs. We only need your dog here for a maximum of 2 hours (usually only 1 to 1.5). Please schedule all other appointments away from grooming appointments as working with animals is challenging and your promptness is not only appreciated, it’s required.

Late pickup fee: $5 every 15 minutes ($20/hour)

How long does a grooming take?

A Full Grooming can take anywhere from 1-2 full hours depending on size of dog, condition of coat, and length of coat desired. Longer coats take longer to dry so can prolong a grooming. If a large or extra-large breed dog hasn’t been groomed in 6+months grooming could result in what we refer to as ‘double session’. We will do the prep brushout, haircut, and de-shedding to get your dog ready for the bath. If this takes the full 2 hours we will schedule a follow up appointment to finish the grooming. We don’t subject dogs to more than 2 hours at the groomer at a time. It’s stressful and unnecessary. This will result in a higher charge as it’s 2 full appointment blocks scheduled. Please do not arrive early for pickup. Our grooming tables are visible from the main lobby so if  dogs see their owners they will not allow us to finish the grooming on account of their excitability. 

What’s your cancellation policy?

All cancellations must be done no less than 48 hours in advance to give us time to fill the appointment.  No Shows or last minute cancellations will be charged the full price of the grooming upon returning to Pawtsmouth OR not rescheduled. We’re so busy that we’ve had to stop taking new clients. This means each and every client we book is our #1 priority. If clients don’t show up, or cancel last minute, we don’t have time to fill the limited appointments we allow. This is devastating to our business. We may choose to not re-book your pet if we feel you are not making Pawtsmouth a priority.  We never want to enforce this policy but in some instances we have to. Our one-on-one salon style grooming is not available everywhere so keep that in mind when booking an appointment with us. Our clients mean the world to us so we try to get everyone in in a timely fashion.  We know life gets hectic so we send text reminders the day before all appointments.

Will our dog be cage dried?

Never! We only offer a 0ne-on-one grooming service so that means your dog is table dried by hand. Heated cage drying is dangerous and very inefficient. Your pets safety is our number 1 priority so no dog will be put in a cage to dry.  Table drying also ensures the best look for your pet as fur is lifted away from the skin for even cutting and styling.

How long will it take to get in to Pawtsmouth for a grooming?

We are a very busy shop. Booking a grooming could take up to a month or more depending on time of year (holidays and Summer tourist season are the busiest). To ensure you get the appointment time and date you want it’s always best to pre-book your follow-up appointment at the time of your last one. Most people pre-book every 4-6 weeks, depending on the maintenance level of their pet, so they don’t have to wait. Waiting too long will result in matting that will need to be shaved off. In the winter months that’s not recommended unless you have a coat for them. Longer coat maintenance appointments are much more frequent than shorter. Call us for more information at 207-703-3330.

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