Dog Vs Human Shampoo



Many people don’t realize just how harmful using a human shampoo is on a dog really is. Here are 3 examples of why just one bath could potentially run the risk of a problem that could have been avoided.

  • The Ingredients: Dog shampoos are usually ‘soap free’ and have ingredients that are safe and beneficial to their skin and coat. They have a formula for conditioning and gently cleansing to protect your dogs skin from over drying. Some even contain ingredients that help with fleas, ticks, and hot spots (skin abrasions or ulcers) while human shampoos do not and can even cause skin irritation.

  • pH Balance: Human pH is 5.5 while dog pH is 7.5 making human skin over 100 times more acidic than your dogs. Due to the acidity of human shampoo it can overly dry out your dogs skin and open it up to potential problems.

  • Skin Layers: Humans have 10-15 layers of skin while dogs only have 3-5. The more layers of skin you have, the more protection. Using human shampoo strips off these protective layers of skin and can open your pet up to potential bacterial and viral infections.

 Just one note I’d like to add to dogs having fewer layers of skin is the harm of fur getting matted. ‘Dread Locks’ close to the skin, while less painful on a human, are extremely painful and dangerous to your pets skin. This includes cats as well. Knots and matting on just a few layers of skin will be massively more problematic than on our thicker skin. If skin cannot breathe it will retain moisture under the coat and lead to the buildup of harmful bacteria and viruses.These pathogens will eventually destroy layers of skin causing painful infections, ulcers and a trip to the vet. Not only that but parasites like fleas, ticks, and lice can live happily under matting and go completely unnoticed. That will lead to an infestation in your entire home. Regular grooming at home, and in a salon, is the only way to prevent dangerous matting and keeps health related costs down. Getting your dog on a regular professional grooming schedule is the best prevention of skin related issues as your groomer can notify you if they notice any dermatitis, parasites, or infections. As a Natural Health Consultant I can also recommend some natural remedies to try at home. Most are cost effective as well as completely healing and gentle on your ailing pet’s skin.


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