Colloidal Silver for Pets!

sick doggie

When you go to the doctor or bring your furry friends to the vet with an infection, you’re given an anti-biotic that is very specific to certain strains

of bacteria. That means it’s essentially useless unless that specific bacteria is present. Plus, anti-biotics cause yeast (thrush) infections so you must always follow anti-biotics with probiotics (found in yogurt). And if you or your pet is misdiagnosed as having a bacterial infection, when in fact it’s a yeast or virus, you or your pet will only get sicker from the anti-biotic treatment. So now you’re saying, “Jessi, how do we fight these horrible bugs if we’re not sure what they are?” I have two words for you…Colloidal Silver.

What is Colloidal Silver? I took this easy description from a website.

“Colloidal Silver, a liquid solution of charged silver particles of monovalent silver, is used as an effective treatment for many health conditions in dogs…Colloidal Silver acts as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent and is effective against over 650 disease organisms found in humans and pets. It kills bacteria, fungi and viruses without disturbing the surrounding healthy cells or contributing to resistant strains…”

How it works is basically suffocates the offending fungus, virus, or bacteria by disabling enzymes needed by these pathogens for proper oxygen metabolism. I know that sounds like a lot of medical mumbo jumbo but it’s important to know that even though it does this, it never affects healthy cells in the body. It essentially kills the bad and leaves the good alone. What other anti-biotic can do that? I would still follow any treatment of Colloidal Silver with Probiotics to ensure proper development of digestive enzymes.

The medical community are now using Colloidal Silver to disinfect equipment to prevent staph infections. Colloidal Silver is so safe it can be taken repeatedly unlike regular anti-biotics and bacteria cannot mutate to become immune to it. It builds your immunity for future infections, doesn’t interact with other medications, and doesn’t sting the eyes or cause upset stomach. You can administer Colloidal Silver internally by mouth, spray directly into your eyes, or apply topically to cuts and abrasions. I also recommend spraying it into dogs and cats ears that are infected and spraying on your dog’s teeth to help with gum infections and prevent tooth decay.  Most ear infections are misdiagnosed as either being mites or a bacterial infection when in fact it’s usually a fungal infection brought on by food allergies or additives. The recommended dose for dogs is roughly what you would give a child. About a teaspoon to a tablespoon for small to large breeds once daily until the infection clears and symptoms ease. I don’t recommend taking silver indefinitely because it can get costly. Usually 2 weeks is the longest an infection should take to clear. Pets age rapidly so they also heal rapidly as well. For what would normally take a human 2 weeks to get over an animal can be cured of in just a few days. Keep an eye on your pet’s symptoms and once they have reversed you can discontinue treatment.

Now you’re asking yourself, “Where on earth do I find this wonderful remedy?” Believe it or not this amazing product is sold at your friendly neighborhood health food store. It’s FDA approved to be sold over the counter because it’s so safe.

With holistic remedies being more mainstream many pet retailers are jumping on the band wagon and supplying great remedies for pets. But keep in mind that sometimes when it’s ‘pet grade’ it could be loaded with fillers or yeast to make it more tasty. So do your research and read the list of ingredients. Find out how much of the actual remedy is in there. I like to use human-grade products on my furry clients. I just lower the dosage of course.
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