Zen Doggy


Ever wonder why Fido acts up when you’re stressed, even though you’re not physically showing you’re stressed? Call it ‘Doggy 6th Sense’. (I see stressed people) Dogs pick up on our feelings no matter what they are. Happy, sad, worried, angry, dogs will react to everything. You may even notice that when you’re ill your dog will lay near you a lot or demand more of your attention. This is their way of showing they know you’re sick and they want to help you feel better and guard you until you’re well.

To ensure you have a calm dog, calm yourself. Do Yoga or meditate with your dog in the room. Meditation has been proven to be the best way to calm ourselves so why wouldn’t it work for your dog? They may start off wanting to lick the face off of you but eventually they will calm and meet your pace. If you make this your daily ritual you may even, over time, calm hyperactivity in a pet that correctional training or nutritional supplementation doesn’t fix. Dogs can’t communicate verbally so they show their feelings by acting out.  Use meditation to your advantage and try to connect more with your pet on a mental level. Create a ‘Zen Doggy’. It may even help you train or calm them in other environments like the dog park or the vet. When you take them into those environments take a deep breath and feel only a sense of calm. Make eye contact with them and send that calm feeling to them without speaking. Keep doing this the entire time you’re out.

A Zen Doggy may feel more comforted when left alone at home for many hours. Dogs with separation anxiety are usually that way because of an over attachment to the owner and a sense of being in an unstable environment. They were possibly moved around a lot, or had a trauma of some kind, shaking their stability. They crave attention at all times leaving you drained and afraid to leave them alone. Some people ban a dog from certain rooms or put them in a kennel. Your dog should feel that his/her home is their palace and can roam freely without problems. And, if you desire, you should be able to give them that freedom (once housebroken of course). Bring them into different rooms to meditate with them in there. Tell them mentally what you expect of them in that room. Visualize them calmly entering the room and napping while staying off furniture you don’t want them on. Also see them chewing only their toys. Send these mental images to your pet and at the end make eye contact. See if you notice anything. Is Fido calm or napping? Are they chewing their own toys or rawhide?

You can even connect with your dog mentally when you’re not even there. A Zen Doggy can pick up on things you’re thinking or feeling while you’re at work or even on holiday if you meditate. Try it. While you’re away from home meditate and try to send messages to your dog. It may even be the best way to calm their separation anxiety. See if you come home to a happy and relaxed dog with the house left intact.

You never know, you just might get to the bottom of all your problems when you create a Zen Doggy. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if you could get your dog to do tricks by just thinking them? That’s one parlor trick I’d love to see.



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