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Pawtsmouth: [Pawtsmith] A Shaggy Chic Holistic Grooming Salon located at 2 Stevenson Rd, Kittery, Maine t:207-703-3330

Jessi, owner and operator of Pawtsmouth, has been grooming dogs from breed standard to funky cuts since 1997. Julie, another amazing groomer at Pawtsmouth, has been grooming since 2014 and has created her own technique that people are raving about.  They both only believe in a holistic approach to grooming. They use essential oils to calm your pet then wash them with natural shampoos and conditioners to gently clean and nourish their skin and coat. One-on-one “Salon-Style” booking also reduces stress and anxiety so even the most reluctant pets will enjoy their grooming. They leave looking, feeling, and smelling amazing.  

Jessi also has her Bachelor’s of Science in Holistic Nutrition which she incorporates into her grooming salon.  She carries holistic products like healing salves and ear cleaner as well as recommends all-natural foods and treats including the RAW Food diet. She believes nature nurtures to heal pets from within. She is also level II Reiki certified and offers Reiki sessions in addition to grooming.



17 thoughts on “About Pawtsmouth

    • Hi Debbie. I don’t believe there are any shampoos on the market made with colloidal silver. You can purchase silver at a health food store and add it to any pet shampoo. I like to just spray it on any cuts or abrasion away from bath time. That ensures it gets to where it needs to be without soap washing it away. 🙂

    • Hi Jeffrey, thanks for contacting me. I don’t carry any pet foods but I can recommend a few local holistic pet food stores that do. Portsmouth has 3. Canine Cupboard, The Natural Dog and Holistic Cat, and Dog Land. All carry holistic pet foods and are great shops. Good luck with your move!!

  1. Hi Jessica, Jasper just got home and he looks gorgeous! Thanks so much! I played the video you took of him last time for John, Jasper heard your voice and went looking for you with his tail wagging.

  2. Hello!

    It’s Bill Clifford from Bill’s Original Kitchen in Kittery.

    I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks – my sister Margaret was very impressed with the service and the care you shared with Maggie recently.

    Thank you very much and keep up the great work! We appreciate it!

    Bill Clifford

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